There are many duties that couples have to follow to continue life, in addition to family and financial duties, there are psychological duties a nationality that couples must not overstep because it is an important foundation in their rapprochement and greater affection between them, and the conception and childbearing of children are The most important goals they seek, but how does pregnancy happen?

How pregnancy occurs

Many children or young people who have not yet married frequently ask questions about how they came to life, how to have them by their fathers, and answered scientific sources (correct) that a woman is pregnant by sexual intercourse with her husband, and this cohabitation ends with an exit Sperm in a woman's vagina, the sperm will swim towards the uterus until the Fallopian canal meets the egg at the outer end of the tube, and the sperm gather around the egg so that only one of them can penetrate the egg and unite with its nucleus and then begin to breed and become the embryo.
The embryo occurs through the fertilization process, which takes only a few minutes, and the sperm does not live more than 24 hours, while the egg remains live for no more than 36 hours; therefore, the sperm and the egg must meet within a period of one day for the fertilization process to take place.

Does a little semen affect the speed of pregnancy?

Lack of semen does not affect pregnancy; the small portion of semen contains millions of sperm, and the egg in general receives only one sperm, so one point of semen may induce pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy

  • interruption of the menstrual cycle.
  • changes the scent of the urine, the sensation that it has an effective and repulsive odor, and a sense of increasing the number of urination times.
  • swelling of the breast before the session is three to four days with a sense of heaviness.
  • sensation of heaviness or shortness of breath and dizziness when doing once a sitting posture.
  • increases sleep intervals sometimes. Sometimes want to eat a certain type of food.
  • having something like contractions in the legs or in the hand lead to the (wicket)

Best pregnancy times

Many women wonder about the best times for pregnancy, and studies have shown that the best time is between the twelfth to the fifteenth day of the session. Monthly; The egg is taken out of the ovary, and is transported to the fallopian tube, if intercourse occurs and one of the active sperm has been able to reach The egg and vaccinated it will cause pregnancy by God's permission, and the function of the fertilized egg begins with its journey to the uterus until it proves itself well to continue the pregnancy.
There are several situations during which couples have to engage in pregnancy, the most effective being the natural situation, where women are lying on their back, and thus sperm can reach the vagina and even the uterus to continue its journey to fallopian tube, and some advise the wife to raise Her legs are perpendicular to her body after intercourse until she helps to get sperm to her uterus, and specialists are advised to lie back after intercourse and delay the washing from him until one hour.

Number and load

The Islamic religion has placed a number of divorced women or widows for a number of reasons, the most important of which are: a time-limit for marriage between spouses if they insist on divorce. To ensure that women are free from the foetus, as also confirmed by scientists. Recent studies have indicated that the memory fluid varies from one person to another, as does the fingerprint, and that every man has his own code that leaves her inside women; the woman in her body is the computer that weighs the blade of the man who is so sensitive that if she is in her computer more than Blade as if a virus had entered and settled within its body, hence it could be disturbed, troubled and malignant, so that most women in prostitution were infected with uterine cancer.
Many scientists have explained that the reason why women marry only one man without multiplicity is that their body is not likely to be with more than a man at the same time, exaggerating it causes her illnesses.
Among the scholars, the difference between the divorced and the widow was not in vain, but on the wisdom of Allaah, where the studies proved that the widow you need a time longer than absolute to forget the blade that the man left inside, due to her psychological condition; Her husband because of his death so she can't forget that husband who lived with her life of happiness, joy and love; women loyalty and Fidelity, as well as men, and if betrayal is from the woman it is an intruder on her heart and not inherent in it