Women’s infertility reaches 30%, and men do not exceed 20%, and there are certain real reasons for the sterility, which are manifold and varied, and for each particular reason of treatment. In the opinion of specialists, the word “infertility” must not be released until at least one year of married life without pregnancy, subject to regular intercourse at least once. Weekly All this year, Dr. Wael El Bana, consultant for obstetrics and gynaecology in the hospital «Eve Clinic, member of the board of Directors of the Association The Egyptian for health and the beauty of the woman Venus his talk to the readers of my lady and child who are getting pregnant

1. Vaginal causes

It is a blockage that prevents the penis from being introduced into the vagina, as in cases where the virginity dinner is not broken, if it is too thick, and also in cases of severe vaginal distress, and traumatic infections, in addition to the psychological conditions of some of the ladies, who refuse intercourse, this case claims «Vjensms».

2. Cervical-related causes

* Laser cervical treatment, severe ironing, and redundancy, which has become a result of the faulty diagnosis of cervical ulcer and the acceleration of physicians.
* The lack of mucus in the cervix, or its intensity, hinders the passage of the sperm.
* The presence of antibodies working to kill sperm, here is a must for artificial insemination.

3. Causes related to uterus

A. Congenital malformations
Some can be surgically repaired, such as the presence of a barrier in the uterine cavity, and there is an extra-century uterus, in which there is a risk of pregnancy outside the womb; in the extra century in the form of a-T-uterus, it can lead to delayed reproduction or (abortion), and these congenital abnormalities are usually accompanied by a distortion of one of the two channels Fallopian tubes or both.
B. Intra-uterine adhesion
It is caused by severe uterine inflammation or a wound resulting from the eradication of a former fibrous tumor, and to remove this adhesion there is a endoscopy device, and the physician may have to re-process more than once, give some medications like steroids with estrogen for 3 weeks after operation; .
C. Uterine Fibres
A tumor in the uterus's muscle may cause a bump in the uterine gap by its location, which usually causes infertility only if it is pressed on the uterine cavity, or if there were many fibroids, in which case it is advisable to undergo surgery to remove those tumours and try to repair the shape of the uterus.
D. Presence of
Diet growths It is similar to the presence of a uterine spiral, its eradication is easy, and can be diagnosed by colored uterine rays, or endoscopy apparatus.
E. Amplification of the uterus adenomyosis:
It is a case called Adnumerius, complaining about the pain of every monthly course, and some hormonal treatments such as GN RH (analogues) may benefit but the newer now is surgery; To remove the endometrium cells.

5-Malfunctioning of ovarian function

A. The result of ovarian disease. There is a difference between the existence of a more natural water vesicles and the ovaries, which sometimes accompany some of the symptoms during the menstrual cycle, and the Lady one in five women can have what is called ovaries, and the number of vesicles in both ovaries is more than the natural number, and in this The woman's fertility is mostly natural and she has no problems.
But when the presence of these vesicles is accompanied by one or more patients, the ovarian disease is called the ovaries, and because the work of the basic ovaries is secretion of the hormone and the maturity of the egg, and its cause is still not fully known.
The presence of small bags in the ovaries usually does not need to be treated; they disappear and others appear automatically, but when the diameter of the sack reaches 50 mm, it may require surgical intervention.
B-ovarian failure in its natural work for the following reasons
1. Gene and chromosome dysfunction.
2. Enzyme dysfunction such as increased excretion of excessive milk hormone exposure to certain effects such as: exposure to radiation in large quantities, exposure to chemicals such as those used in the treatment of cancers, viruses such as mumps, smoking in large quantities.
C. Reasons related to the immune system, such as the presence of anti-whites.
(d) Absence or disruption of hormone receptors in the ovary.
F-surgically eradicate the ovary for one reason or another.
e-physiological failure of ovarian work, which creates a deficiency in the secretion of the yellow body of progesterone.